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G.B Kent


GB Kent handmade R7T Small men's comb a 143mm fine and coarse toothed pocket comb.


190mm 5 prong styling and lifting comb is made from a special hard rubber material which is static-resistant, unbreakable and heat resisting. Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action, that glides effortlessly through t...Read more


Handmade 200mm tail comb is made from large sheets of Cellulose Acetate rather than being moulded. This material is tactile, flexible and strong. Kent combs have rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action, that glides effortlessly t...Read more


Handmade in the UK, the Kent wooden beard brush has specially cut and shaped boar bristles to improve beard brushing performance. Each brush comes with a beautiful hand-stitched cotton bag printed on both sides. One side features our company logo fr...Read more


GB Kent Folding Pocket Comb a100mm fine toothed folding comb with a pocket clip.


GB Kent's red stained wood Art 8S nail brush will easily remove accumulated dirt, while also gently protecting your nails and cuticles without scratching. The 98mm nail brush is filled with firm natural white bristle. Featuring an additional single...Read more


Made from FSC™-certified natural wood and filled with the finest bristle nylon mix. The Pure Flow wooden military brush is a modern take on the traditional men’s military-style brush. Ideal for everyday grooming. Leaving your hair revitalised. Th...Read more


The monster – a moniker not to taken lightly. This isn’t just some tarted up, rebranded, off-the-shelf hairbrush put to the market under the guise of being a legitimate beard brush. Absolutely not. As real brush makers, Kent are not in a the business o...Read more


GB Kent Gent's Travel Hair Brush MC4 is made from pure cherry wood the MC4 is a third the size of its larger counterparts in the Kent oval range therefore making it perfect for travel or suitable for boys. Filled with pure white bristle. Also makes for...Read more


Creates a healthy natural shine. This traditional shaped mens military natural bristle brush is ideal for short hair. A fantastic brush for general grooming. Filled with the finest quality natural bristle, it will clean, stimulate & condition your ...Read more


Made from FSC™-certified natural wood. This beautifully crafted comb is ideal for everyday use on both thick and fine hair. Leaving your hair detangled and smooth. Only natural wood from FSC™-certified forests has been used for this product. It al...Read more


GB Kent handmade medium comb 2T a 158mm coarse and fine toothed general grooming comb.