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G.B Kent


A true classic of the pack. GB Kent's MG2 brush is made entirely from beech wood and is filled with beautiful pure black bristle a stunning contrast between black and white.


GB Kent oval MS11- Satin and beech wood, pure white bristle, hair brush featuring a satin wood back and a beech wood base this classic oval brush is filled with pure white bristle and is gloss sprayed to enhance the satin woods natural almost holograph...Read more


 GB Kent BK4 Pure Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush is the sized pure silver tip badger shaving brush for your wash bag, ideal for travel or the man who prefers a smaller shaving brush. A slimmed down version of the BK8, same quality, same craftsman...Read more


GB Kent's famous menthol skin conditioning shaving cream. A fantastic shaving cream 125ml.


A 75ml tube of Kent's famous menthol skin conditioning shaving cream.


A traditional pure badger travel shaving brush that screws into its own resin core to hide the brush head away when travelling.


The GB Kent BK8 is a top quality shaving brush filled with pure silver tip badger bristle. GB Kent's most popular shaving brush is housed in a felt lined red presentation case with gold pin stripe detailing.


GB Kent handmade medium comb 2T a 158mm coarse and fine toothed general grooming comb.


GB Kent extra small men's moustache and beard comb a 73mm fine toothed moustache and beard comb, this specialist comb is perfect for grooming, maintaining and trimming facial hair.


Cushioned, nylon ball-tipped brush, perfect for brushing, styling and getting some height.


GB Kent Clothes Brush CC20 a double-sided; stiff and soft bristle.  The stiff bristle side is good for removing mud or dirt from the bottom of trousers, while the soft bristle side is better for more gentle brushing.


GB Kent Folding Travel Brush great for all hair types , prefect for pocket or travel. This little brushes' quills contain natural energy from Andosite quartz. This energy produces negative ions which have beneficial properties to condition , stimulate ...Read more