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OUT OF STOCK Teck was launched by Molinard in 1989. Top notes are mint, lemon and bitter orange; middle notes are cypress, sage and sandalwood; base notes are patchouli and vetiver.


OUT OF STOCK The famous French non-lathering brushless almond oil shaving cream by Molinard. Rasoline provides a close comfortable shave and does a great job moisturising the skin. It is perfect for travel or for those days you do not have time to ...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Molinard Habanita Eau de Parfum 30ml  In 1921 Molinard launched the famous Habanita originally marketed not as a personal fragrance but to perfume cigarettes, it was available in scented sachets to slide into a pack of cigarettes or i...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Eaux de Cologne France by Molinard is a Cologne as one likes it: traditional but fresh, with "un je ne sais quoi"courtesy of the inclusion of lentisque, an unusual Mediterranean note, a resin from the Mastic tree.


OUT OF STOCK Molinard's take on the ever popular and best selling Habanita, launched in 2016 La Cologne Habanita has Top notes of lemon, bergamot and spicy nutmeg. Heart notes of rose, violet, ylang-ylang and rosewood. Base notes of vetiver, oakmoss...Read more