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Safety Razors


Muhle 3-part shaving set, handles of high-grade resin with chromed metal accents: •Shaving brush with silvertip badger •Shaving brush size M = medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring to screw off •Safety razor, compatible with classic razor blades...Read more


The Rocca's uninterrupted lines from attachment to base make it both beautiful and practical: Thanks to its ergonomic shape and the surface structure of the handle, it feels good in your hand. As connoisseurs say: It has grip. It turns an everyday ritu...Read more


Merkur Chrome Futur Safety Razor, a more contemporary design of safety razor from Merkur, the top of this razor comes off to change the blades, with settings to adjust the blade to suit. Mirror Chrome Finish.


The Daune brought to you from Proraso is a classic design of safety razor still used by traditional barbers throughout Italy. Compatible with all standard double edge blades.


The Gentleman's Groom Room collaborated with a local Scottish artisan Steve Haden to produce the 'Scotch Barrel' OC razor to match our 'Scotch Barrel' shaving brushes. The 'Scotch Barrel' razor handle is handmade in Scotland using authentic, aged and u...Read more


Having collaborated with a local Scottish artisan Steve Haden we are pleased to present 'The Caledonian' DE safety razor. This razor handle is handmade from ancient Caledonian Bog Oak and Scottish Stag Antler (naturally shed), the kiln dried Bog Oak fo...Read more


Merkur 34C Classic Safety Razor .This attractive HD Merkur Chrome Classic Safety Razor is weighted to provide perfect balance. 


Merkur 42C 1904 this three part safety razor is styled on the original Gillette safety razor patented in 1904.


Merkur 500 Progress Safety Razor, this Merkur Progress is a classic premium quality safety razor, this DE traditional razor is the fully adjustable short handled model. The Merkur Progress 500 is cited by many traditional wet shavers The Gentleman's Gr...Read more


Merkur 41c is chrome plated open comb razor is styled on the original Gillette safety razor patented in 1904. (this open comb version of the razor is often referred to as the 1906). The Gentleman's Groom Room recommend.


The first of its kind! A razor that can transform from a barber-style straight razor to a traditional safety razor, two razors in one! The RazoRock Switch uses any standard double-edge (DE) blade. The RazoRock Switch razor is CNC milled from corrosio...Read more


Muhle R89 Rose Gold Double Edge Razor, Muhle's well designed R89 safety razor in Rose Gold with engraved handle for increased grip. This DE razor has a perfectly weighted handle for comfort and control.