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Safety Razors


The Merkur 37c Slant Bar is a classic DE razor much loved with both new and seasoned traditional wet shavers. The slant design allows an incredibly close but smooth shave, the 37c is a chrome plated two piece heavyweight short handled safety razor. The...Read more


Rockwell Model T adjustable butterfly razor crafted from brass, stainless steel and chromed zink. Boxed with pack of 5 blades and Rockwell leather travel head cover. White Chrome finish.


Fatip slant Lo Storto (closed comb) chrome plated safety razor , made in Italy.


3 piece chrome plated black PVD coated closed comb long handled Merkur safety razor.


ROCCA Safety razor from MÜHLE, closed Comb edge, jet black stainless steel head and handle. The ROCCA series - Beautifully simple, yet particularly masculine Modern, distinctive and made from the finest and most durable and robust stainless steel...Read more


 The classic D.R. Harris ebony razor handle with the traditional safety razor head. For use with any double edge razor blades.


The classic D. R. Harris Ivory finish razor handle with the traditional safety razor head. For use with any double edge razor blades.


The Gentleman's Groom Room 'Claymore' 3 Piece safety Razor - A classic safety razor head with a contemporary black resin handle. Perfectly balanced this 3 piece double edged safety razor provides consistently comfortable shaves, housed in a high qualit...Read more


Rockwell R1 Rookie DE Butterfly razor in Gunmetal Chrome finish. A mild razor perfect for those new to DE shaving.


The Rockwell 6S provides six levels of blade settings by simply swapping out base plates. The Rockwell 6S is made out of pure, durable stainless steel through an innovative metal-injection-moulding process, and is bead-blasted for a premium matte finish.


A slant head razor allows you cut closer and more efficiently. The slant head is a traditional German design from the mid twentieth century.


Rockwell's R1 Rookie Gun Metal Razor is perfect for double-edged razor beginners. Its butterfly-shaped head lets you change blades easily. It’s also very easy to shave with and 'almost' impossible to cut yourself with. It’s ultra fine comb makes it eve...Read more