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Neutral Moustache Wax in a tube for a lustrous finish to the most marvelous tache..


GB Kent AOT Small men's pocket comb. 113mm coarse and fine toothed men's pocket comb.


Personna DE Razor Blades super stainless platinum double edge razor blades are made from Swedish steel by the American Safety Razor Co. 10 blade pack.


The original English Lavender Brilliantine. Yardley London established in 1770 is one of England's most established perfume houses, with two royal warrants. Yardley traditional brilliantine hair pomade holds, helps shape and adds shine to hair includin...Read more


Simpsons Special Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush, provides a first class introduction to the pleasure of shaving with a badger hair shaving brush.  


First introduced in the 1930's the time honoured masculine and distinctive Old Spice Original aftershave is now enjoying a resurgence of renewed interest. The Old Spice fragrance has been sold under the amusing slogan " If your grandfather hadn't wor...Read more


The Gentleman's Groom Room Gift Vouchers are a great gift idea, our vouchers are redeemable against products from our shop or shaves, treatments from our Jermyn Grooming and Lifestyle Suite and are sent by post to our on-line customers . If you choose ...Read more


GB Kent men's small comb 7T 143mm fine toothed pocket comb.


Dovo Klipette is a stainless steel precision tool for safe and gentle cutting of hair in nostril and outer ear. Simply insert cutting head of the Dovo Klipette with thumb and index finger of one hand and rotate the lower cylinder back and forth with yo...Read more


Dovo of Solingen Buffalo Horn handle 5/8" open razor.


Dovo of Solingen Buffalo Horn handle 5/8" open razor.


Dovo of Solingen open razor with 5/8 inch Prima silver steel blade and real ebony wood handle.