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Vintage Razors


Restored Vintage Gillette Super Speed Safety Razor, Gillette 'Super Speed' 1950's. 'Look Forward To The Past'. One of the original twist to open Gillette's. Finished in Black Chrome to give this forerunner of the Fatboy a unique ultra - modern look. SOLD


Vintage Dovo Red Bismark 6/8" carbon steel fully restored in original box, red scales with faux mother of pearl inlay. This razor was discontinued by Dovo several years ago. SOLD


Restored Vintage Gillette Bostonian Safety Razor, Gillette 'Bostonian' re-plated in the original silver. Produced in 1922 this elegant razor has been plated as it was originally returning it to its former glory and is offered with a blade case. A beaut...Read more

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