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Shaving Cream


HeadBlade Sport HeadBlade HeadSlick Shave Cream is formulated to give the smoothest shave possible for both head and face. Special lubricants allow the blade to glide effortlessly over the skin and being water soluble, razor blades rinse easily. It's a...Read more


Proraso (Blue) Aloe & Vitamin E Protective Shaving Cream 150ml For over 80 years Proraso has been the leading Italian barber shop shaving brand. This formula has been developed to create ample protective lather for a multi pass shave and has a very...Read more


The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream 100ml was developed for use by problem shavers, those testosterone charged men for whom the bluebeard stubble is an everyday fact of life. It contains an ingredient scientifically proven to actually reduce beard gr...Read more


 Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Shave Cream Pot, Lavender essential oil is a gentle antiseptic and helps to heal skin, while moisturizing glycerin improves glide and comfort. Forms a thick, rich lather.


Certified Organic Shave Cream is Taylors purest shaving cream. Made from 95% natural raw materials, this cream is gentle on the skin and kind on the environment while still offering a fantastic Taylor shaving experience. Containing Aloe Vera, Jojoba an...Read more


A hydrating shaving cream that contains prickly pear seed oil combined with jojoba oil to deliver a luxury lather and comfortable shave. To use this shaving cream, wet the face and apply a one pump dose, lather up with a shaving brush, wet shave and...Read more


A wonderfully soothing re- working of the famous Proraso (Green) shaving cream formula, made with Oat Kernel extract (rather than the normal Eucalyptus and Menthol combination). Gives the same super close shave as the original formula but so gentle as ...Read more


Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint Shaving Cream offers a refreshing and exhilarating shaving experience by creating a rich and luxurious lather.


Non-soap based and a light formulation, this Shaving Cream will be particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin. With added Aloe Vera and Glycerin plus Allantoin and Chamomile to sooth. Can be used with a brush or applied by hands.  Scented wi...Read more


Made from the finest ingredients Penhaligon's traditional shaving soaps and creams have excellent stubble softening and conditioning properties ensuring a close shave and beautifully scented skin. Hints of creamy nutmeg, cardamom and the softest leathe...Read more


Trumpers almond soft shaving cream in a traditional, metal tube for use both at home and when travelling. With a distinctive sweet, nutty fragrance. Only a small amount is required for each shave to produce a luxurious lather. Suitable for normal to dr...Read more


Trumpers famous glycerine based Coconut Oil Shaving Cream in a traditional metal tube, for use both at home and when travelling. With such first-rate nourishing properties, shaving with coconut oil will prevent dryness to the skin. Both sensitive and n...Read more