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Synthetic Hair Shaving Brushes


The GB Kent Infinity Silvertex shaving brush is a specially developed fully synhetic grade hair made to offer you the ultimate lathering experience which is crucial for the perfect wet shave. It provides an alternative to those who prefer not to use a ...Read more


TGGR 2018 Ltd Edition shaving brush, 24mm Black/White Synthetic knot. Handles fashioned by hand in the UK with natural OX Horn, no two handles are the same.


Quite simply the most iconic shaving brush ever manufactured and now available in a state of the art redefining Synthetic Fibre (Imitation badger). These knots have been formed using Simpsons own exclusively sourced synthetic fibre unrivalled in its...Read more


Muhle Silvertip Fibre are of a premium quality developed in-house by Muhle. Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting and designed to mimic the qualities of the finest grade of badger hair brushes. . The completely vegan fibres make t...Read more


The Gentleman's Groom Room collaborated with a local Scottish artisan Steve Haden to produce our 'Scotch Barrel' shaving brushes. What makes these barrel shaped brushes so special is the brush bases are made from authentic, aged and used Oak whisky bar...Read more


The Omega Barber Pole shaving brush has a distinctive handle created in the style of a classic red , white and blue barbershop pole. The soft high tech synthetic fibers simulate badger hair and are gentle and luxurious on the skin. These specially dev...Read more


Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Solar Flare 24mm Nexus synthetic shaving brush. This brush pays homage to the little known vintage Erskine K-250 Erskine brushes bear the name of the company founder James Lowe Erskine (b. 1861, d. 1937). The James Lo...Read more


Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements The Green Ray 24mm Tribble synthetic shaving brush. This brush is based on a rare, classic Ever-Ready brush from back in the day. Great value retro style shaving brush.


Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements The Starcraft 24mm Roswell synthetic shaving brush. This brush pays homage to a very rare and little known shaving brush called the Mohawk 5-341, made in Canada all throughout the 1940s and possibly up to the late 60s. ...Read more


OUT OF STOCK RazoRock 28mm Plissoft synthetic knot , Beehive shaped handle in a vintage butterscotch colour.


Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements the Peregrino, this brush pays homage to the classic vintage Ever-Ready 500E and has a 24mm PAA Roswell (grey) knot.


Atomic Rocket 26mm Suave synthetic knot Shaving Brush. This brush is based on one of PAA's favourite and somewhat rare vintage Ever-Ready shave brush handles. Great value, retro style shaving brush