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Dovo Of Solingen stainless steel Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany, very well constructed, a lovely razor.


Dovo Of Solingen Original Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany . This lightweight razor is constructed of aluminium and plastic.


The Bluebeards Revenge Blade Razor - shave the Bluebeards way with this stylish replaceable blade razor! Features the distinctive Bluebeards logo on the handle. The shavette is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the ...Read more


Parker SR1 barber razor stainless steel razor for use with half a double edge razor blade. Parker are very well known for manufacturing double edge razors since 1973 and have created this affordable and stylish all stainless steel shavette.


This Proraso ‘Shavette’ style razor has an attractively crafted genuine wooden handle. The razor combines the action of a single-blade open razor yet takes disposable ‘Double- Edge’ safety razor blades, so no stropping required.


The Daune brought to you from Proraso is a classic design of safety razor still used by traditional barbers throughout Italy. Compatible with all standard double edge blades.


OUT OF STOCK Japanese Feather non folding straight razor suitable for use with Feather single edge blades.


The first of its kind! A razor that can transform from a barber-style straight razor to a traditional safety razor, two razors in one! The RazoRock Switch uses any standard double-edge (DE) blade. The RazoRock Switch razor is CNC milled from corrosio...Read more