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Dovo Of Solingen stainless steel Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany, very well constructed, a lovely razor.


Dovo Of Solingen Original Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany . This lightweight razor is constructed of aluminium and plastic.


Dovo Leather Strop Balm is needed to keep your strop in tip top condition. This non-abrasive balm can be added using a cloth or by fingers to keep your leather strop supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking. Keeping your strop soft and suppl...Read more


Dovo Klipette is a stainless steel precision tool for safe and gentle cutting of hair in nostril and outer ear. Simply insert cutting head of the Dovo Klipette with thumb and index finger of one hand and rotate the lower cylinder back and forth with yo...Read more


OUT OF STOCK Dovo of Solingen Buffalo Horn handle 5/8" open razor.


OUT OF STOCK Dovo of Solingen Inox open razor 5/8" with real ebony wood handle.


Now this is a shavette! - Dovo Barbarossa (shavette) 5/8 fixed blade with a short 52mm length, stainless steel and fully hollowed with Spanish Point and Ebony wood scales, a lovely wee razor.


Dovo of Solingen faux Tortoiseshell open/straight razor with carbon steel blade. Size:5/8 inch.


OUT OF STOCK Dovo of Solingen open razor with 5/8 inch Prima silver steel blade and real ebony wood handle.


Dovo 6/8" Grenadille African Blackwood/Mother of Pearl Straight Razor. Dovo 6/8" Grenadille African Blackwood Handle, Mother of Pearl Inlay Full Hollow Ground


OUT OF STOCK The Dovo Bismarck series of straight razors have been long celebrated by traditional wet shaving enthusiasts. This 6/8" razor features a high quality carbon steel, fully hollow ground blade. Among Dovo razor fans, the burnished design i...Read more