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Merkur Moustache Blades a pack of 10 Merkur Moustache Blades to fit the Merkur moustache razor.


Merkur 'super' DE razor blades platinum coated packed in 10's


Merkur 41c is chrome plated open comb razor is styled on the original Gillette safety razor patented in 1904. (this open comb version of the razor is often referred to as the 1906). The Gentleman's Groom Room recommend.


The Merkur Moustache/Eyebrow Razor is designed for getting around the hard-to-reach places. It offers Merkur's patented precision head and an extra long polished handle. It is for use with wedge-shaped blades and ideal for use on moustaches, eyebrows, ...Read more


Merkur 42C 1904 this three part safety razor is styled on the original Gillette safety razor patented in 1904.


OUT OF STOCK A classic Merkur chrome light weight long handle razor provides superb handling.


The Merkur 37c Slant Bar is a classic DE razor much loved with both new and seasoned traditional wet shavers. The slant design allows an incredibly close but smooth shave, the 37c is a chrome plated two piece heavyweight short handled safety razor. The...Read more


Merkur 34C Classic Safety Razor .This attractive HD Merkur Chrome Classic Safety Razor is weighted to provide perfect balance. 


Merkur travel safety razor with leather case. The handle section of this razor unscrews into two parts. One half then fits inside the other and together with the unscrewed blade section, it fits neatly into the leather case. This razor's head features ...Read more


The Merkur 47C features a long Engine Turned handle with the classic and effective Merkur razor head, beautifully finished razor. 


OUT OF STOCK 3 piece chrome plated black PVD coated closed comb long handled Merkur safety razor.


Merkur 38C Barber Pole, this stunning Barber Pole safety razor is finished in shiny chrome, a beautiful shaving tool by Merkur.