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Hair Care


Creates a healthy natural shine. This traditional shaped mens military natural bristle brush is ideal for short hair. A fantastic brush for general grooming. Filled with the finest quality natural bristle, it will clean, stimulate & condition your ...Read more


Taylor of Old Bond Street Moustache Wax 15ml, the professional's choice for the discerning gentleman, this moustache wax moisturises and holds for an elegant finish.


Neutral Moustache Wax in a tube for a lustrous finish to the most marvelous tache..


GB Kent AOT Small men's pocket comb. 113mm coarse and fine toothed men's pocket comb.


The original English Lavender Brilliantine. Yardley London established in 1770 is one of England's most established perfume houses, with two royal warrants. Yardley traditional brilliantine hair pomade holds, helps shape and adds shine to hair includin...Read more


GB Kent men's small comb 7T 143mm fine toothed pocket comb.


Apothecary 87 The Man Club Barber Comb - It is every mans dream to be in #TheManClub – now you can flaunt it with the Apothecary 87 Barbers Comb. Made purposely for all #TheManClub members.


Proraso beard oil is formulated especially to soothe and protect longer, thicker beards, this oil softens and protects longer beards while taming stray hairs and preventing dryness. Apply to your palms and rub through a damp beard starting from the roo...Read more


Get creative with Proraso moustache wax, whether you’re going for a more natural style or a full on handlebar, this soft, pliable wax has been formulated to help you create and re-create any style you like. Can be dampened and restyled with warm water...Read more


Formulated specially to soften and tame your beard or moustache. Taylor of Old Bond Street moustache & beard conditioner contains Keratin to rejuvenate hair, Aloe Vera to soften hair and skin and Sunflower Oil to smooth. Apply after washing beard a...Read more


For a powerful, firm hold with the MANliest of sheens try Apothecary 87's Maple Hair Pomade, the best way to look after your MANly hair. Directions of Use : With enough of Apothecary 87 Maple pomade to cover a fingertip, rub it between your hands...Read more


Apothecary 87's strong hold Powerful Moustache wax