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Taylor of Old Bond Street no.74 Satin Box Shaving Set, complete with a Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl 150g, Pure Badger Shaving Brush & Imitation Ivory Mach 3 Razor.


Feather Artist club is a replaceable blade straight razor. Matt Stainless steel head with a heat resistant, black resin handle. New rounded style head for more comfortable shaving. Folding Style / Length 145 mm / Weight 43g. Compatible with Feat...Read more


 The classic D.R. Harris ebony razor handle with the traditional safety razor head. For use with any double edge razor blades.


Restored Vintage Gillette Super Speed Safety Razor, Gillette 'Super Speed' 1950's. 'Look Forward To The Past'. One of the original twist to open Gillette's. Finished in Black Chrome to give this forerunner of the Fatboy a unique ultra - modern look. SOLD


Vintage Dovo Red Bismark 6/8" carbon steel fully restored in original box, red scales with faux mother of pearl inlay. This razor was discontinued by Dovo several years ago. SOLD


A heavyweight razor in dark gunmetal with a Gillette Mach 3 head. The handle features an attractive crosshatch pattern, which also aids in gripping the handle when wet.


The Open Comb razor head on this 3 piece Fatip Chrome Plated Safety Razor manufactured Italy allows for an exceptional performance, against even the toughest of beards.


The Merkur 37c Slant Bar has a slanted blade exposure, allowing an incredibly close shave. The Merkur 37c Slant Bar is a chrome plated heavyweight short handled safety razor.


Parker Duo Colour Safety Razor, Parker's elegant retro style Chrome and black finish Safety Razor ... Parker twist to open mechanism, featuring a longer handle for a better grip, incredibly balanced razor.


Dovo Of Solingen Original Shavette is a high quality disposable blade razor made by Dovo in Solingen Germany . This lightweight razor is constructed of aluminium and plastic.


Japanese Feather non folding straight razor suitable for use with Feather single edge blades.


The Merkur Progress 510 safety razor dubbed the 'Digress' by members of the UK wet shaving forum The Shaving Room is retrofitted in the UK with a custom made stainless steel dial and calibrated for improved adjustment and dial accuracy. Gone is the p...Read more