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Safety Razors


The Open Comb razor head on this nickel plated 3 piece Fatip Piccolo Safety Razor manufactured Italy allows for an exceptional performance, against even the toughest of beards.


Parker Interceptor Safety Razor, this quality Interceptor razor from Parker brings a modern design to the traditional safety razor. A very stylish razor, finished in gun metal chrome. Parker twist to open mechanism, featuring a longer handle for a bett...Read more


The Gentleman's Groom Room 'Claymore' 3 Piece safety Razor - A classic safety razor head with a contemporary black resin handle. Perfectly balanced this 3 piece double edged safety razor provides consistently comfortable shaves, housed in a high qualit...Read more


The Merkur 47C features a long Engine Turned handle with the classic and effective Merkur razor head, beautifully finished razor. 


Merkur Chrome Futur Safety Razor, a more contemporary design of safety razor from Merkur, the top of this razor comes off to change the blades, with settings to adjust the blade to suit. Matt Chrome Finish.


The Merkur Progress 500 safety razor dubbed the 'Digress' by members of the UK wet shaving forum The Shaving Room is retrofitted in the UK with a custom made aluminium (LD) dial and calibrated for improved adjustment and dial accuracy. Gone is the plas...Read more


G&F Solingen Timor 3 piece closed comb safety razor with solid stainless steel handle 80mm.


G&F Solingen Timor vintage edition 3 piece closed comb safety razor with solid stainless steel handle 100mm.


Muhle safety razor blade guard


Satin finish, solid stainless steel razor & mirror finish stainless steel stand. 91 mm long handle. Brand new design made in Japan. Supplied in a red gift carton with 5 Feather New Hi-Stainless blades.


A classic Merkur chrome light weight long handle razor provides superb handling.


The classic D. R. Harris Ivory finish razor handle with the traditional safety razor head. For use with any double edge razor blades.