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 The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Bowl made from the finest porcelain this Bluebeards Revenge shaving bowl is ideal for creating the perfect lather.


Beautifully designed high quality Muhle Chrome DE Safety Razor Stand.


Muhle high quality chrome shaving brush stand


Apothecary 87 full brown leather (distressed look) wash bag lined with the Apothecary87 tartan green and embossed with the Apothecary87 logo, features include a zip top with magnetic ends, two compartments consisting of one zip and one pocket. This bag...Read more


Geo F Trumper Razor Stand silver plated and suitable for a wide range of DE razors.


SOLD OUT The Gentleman's Groom Room Real Horn And Pewter Quaich ,the quaich is a traditional Scottish drinking vessel, but makes a stunning shave lathering bowl and will look fantastic in any bathroom.  A truly Scottish bowl, made from ox horn and e...Read more


Made from organic, unbleached cotton for a more sustainable, softer and longer-lasting flannel. This face cloth measures 32cm x 30cm and features two woven bands and the D. R. Harris signature in dark green, who founded D. R. Harris in 1770.


Olive Wood's oily nature gives it superior protection from water, making this the ideal material for a nail brush. These are beautifully crafted double sided nail brushes.


OUT OF STOCK A Futurbobo collection piece, a collaboration between PantaRei and artist Laurea Luca Borchio. Handmade by PantaRei with drawings by the artist from Vigevano. Shaving bowl (without handle).


Dovo Leather Strop Balm is needed to keep your strop in tip top condition. This non-abrasive balm can be added using a cloth or by fingers to keep your leather strop supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking. Keeping your strop soft and suppl...Read more


OUT OF STOCK The REX Ambassador stand is manufactured out of Stainless Steel and is the perfect complementary product for your razor as the Ambassador features a hollow handle, it's able to rest securely on this stand without the need for a conventi...Read more


The Muhle Shaving Brush and Safety Razor Stand is elegantly designed and has a mirror chrome finish. The stand is suitable for all Muhle shaving brushes and Safety Razors as well as most other branded brushes and razors.