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Geo F Trumper Razor Stand silver plated and suitable for a wide range of DE razors.


Handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality English Bridle leather. The leather stropping area measures 3 inches by 18 inches and is matched with 100% cotton-linen canvas strop for removing moisture post shave. These leather strops should last a ...Read more


This premium 3" Horsehide straight razor strop is handmade in the USA. This strop uses horsehide, a favored medium among traditional wet shavers and comes with attached 100% cotton linen canvas strop. These leather strops should last a lifetime and wit...Read more


The Officers and gentleman's range from Geo F Trumper presents this exquisite traditionally styled shaving mug, able to accommodate small shaving soaps in the top; the holes in the mug's top allow excess water drainage as the lather is formed, whilst ...Read more


*SOLD OUT MORE ARRIVING SOON* American Black Walnut, Horween Genuine American Leather, and Stainless steel fixtures. Rex Supply Co. have put years of passion into designing the best razor and case so you can have the best shaving experience. There is ...Read more


*IN STOCK* The REX Ambassador stand is manufactured out of Stainless Steel and is the perfect complementary product for your razor as the Ambassador features a hollow handle, it's able to rest securely on this stand without the need for a conventio...Read more