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Essence of Scotland Malt 'n' Myrtle Traditional Shaving Soap 120g

Essence of Scotland Malt 'n' Myrtle Traditional Shaving Soap 120g


Our own range Essence Of Scotland traditional shaving soap Malt 'n' Myrtle is enriched and fragranced with Bog Myrtle, Natural Honey, Mixed Spices, Rosemary, Beeswax and Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky. A variation of our best selling Sweet Gale shaving soap, Malt 'n' Myrtle follows the same recipe, only Rosemary replaces the Cedarwood of the Sweet Gale soap. The uplifting fragrant notes of Rosemary blend in perfectly with Bog Myrtle, Natural Honey and Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Once only in production from the 1st of November to 1st of December each year as a Ltd edition soap, as of June 2019 due to customer demand Malt 'n' Myrtle is now in full production and available all year round.

The prominent note in this shaving soap is from the Bog Myrtle, also called Sweet Gale which has beautifully fragrant leaves. This native herb has anti-ageing properties, may help to control acne bacteria, has healing properties that can help with minor nicks and cuts and is suitable for sensitive skin. This fragrance blend was first formulated in 2010 along with our Sweet Gale shaving soap as we felt that the use and benefits of Bog Myrtle were often overlooked.

When it came to adding a 'nip' of whisky to our shaving soap it was essential it be a malt. Malt whisky is a different cratur from the blended scotch. Worthy of appreciation, malt is not to be rushed, it rewards consideration. We believe the same is true of the shaving experience.

For best results when lathering put a small amount of hot water onto the surface of the soap for a few seconds, then discard. Starting with a damp brush rather than a wet brush, lather the soap straight from container using circular motions on the surface of the soap, add a little more water to the tips of your shaving brush as required, continuing with circular motions to build your lather till the soap begins to form peaks. Face lather using painting motions with your brush.

The Essence of Scotland range sport a uniquely designed bespoke plaid for each of the soap fragrance labels.

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Submitted on 2016-11-19

Very good product. Recommendable!! Fast delivery. Top shop!!

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