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Essence of Scotland Scottish Heather Traditional Shaving Soap 120g

Essence of Scotland Scottish Heather Traditional Shaving Soap 120g


Launched in 2010 Essence of Scotland Scottish Heather shaving soap is enriched and fragranced with Heather, Natural Honey, Mixed Spices, Sweet Orange, Beeswax and Patchouli.

Heather is one of Scotland's most prolific and abundant plants, with a delicate floral aromatic scent that ties in well with another ingredient used in our Scottish Heather shaving soap, Scottish Honey as many Scots beekeepers will take their hives up to the moors when the Heather is in bloom.

People are rediscovering the benefits of Scottish Honey and this wonderful natural ingredient you will find in all our Essence of Scotland range of shaving soaps (with the exception of Berry Fields O' Blair Special Edition soap) as honey offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties. Honey is an anti-irritant and is suitable for sensitive skin, a great asset in a shave soap. Also honey when used together with cinnamon spice, as it is in our range of shaving soaps is known to help with minor skin infections and spots.

For best results when lathering put a small amount of hot water onto the surface of the soap for a few seconds, then discard. Starting with a damp brush rather than a wet brush, lather the soap straight from container using circular motions on the surface of the soap, add a little more water to the tips of your shaving brush as required, continuing with circular motions to build your lather till the soap begins to form peaks. Face lather using painting motions with your brush.

The Essence of Scotland range sport a uniquely designed bespoke plaid for each of the soap fragrance labels.

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Maybe my favorite shave soap.
Submitted on 2016-02-04

I bought two tubs of GGR soap maybe 3 years ago when I first started wet shaving and I've probably tried 20 different brands in the ensuing years and this ranks as one of the best. Its a super hard, and therefore long lasting soap with exceptionally
neutral face feel and skin hydrating qualities. Its easy to lather and smells INSANE. Honey and boozy and spicy and all man. I also have the MOuntain Yew variety which is less sweet and more piney. Great soap.

Submitted on 2016-11-19

Very good product. Recommendable!! Fast delivery. Top shop!!

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