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Hand thrown, hand carved stoneware clay ceramic shaving brushes by local artisan Steve Haden. Fired twice and glazed lead-free.The glaze is coloured rutile so the final outcome is very much dependent on the conditions in the kiln. This gives the handle...Read more


The Gentleman's Groom Room 'Hive 1' Olive Wood Beehive shaving brush with a high quality synthetic knot. These brushes have been handmade to The Gentleman's Groom Room's spec by a local artisan. Being a handmade product with a natural material no two ...Read more


PantaRei for The Gentleman's Groom Room, our bespoke 'Lion Rampant' shaving brush. A Gentleman's Groom Room / PantaRei collaboration, handmade in Sicily by PantaRei for The Gentleman's Groom Room Dundee Scotland this hand painted ceramic brush is a tri...Read more


Buddha Wood aftershave a splash to compliment the Buddha Wood shaving soap. A top note of Rose Otto a Heart of Sandalwood, Amber and Ginger on a Base of Buddha Wood and Oud.


D. R. Harris have re-introduced their famous ‘morning reviver,’ The Original Pick-Me-Up, in a reimagined form as a Cocktail Bitters. The previous version of Pick-Me-Up which was served as a hangover cure at 29 St. James’s Street from the 1860s up until...Read more


Captain Fawcett’s collaboration with The Jodhpur Company has resulted in Maharajah, a most noble Signature Series ‘Eau de Parfum’, redolent of India’s princely opulence. A tantalising, voluptuous fragrance conjuring the luxurious heat of enchanted I...Read more


Essence of Scotland Berry Fields O' Blair triple filtered aftershave splash. Notes of Plum, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Peach, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Lime, Apple Galbanum and Vetiver. A fine accompaniment to our Berry Fields O' Blair shaving soap.


Bluebird K7 is inspired by the life of British world speed record breaker, Donald Campbell CBE, and his jet engined, three-point aquaplane, Bluebird. Top notes: Mandarin and Pink Pepper Heart Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli Base Note...Read more


A classic addition to the Arlington line, this 200g soap-on-a-rope is a traditional yet quirky soap bar. Triple-milled in the UK for a longer-lasting, quality lather. Consequently, with none of the drying effects traditionally associated with soap bars...Read more


A stunning D.R. Harris Earthenware pot made by Burleigh in Stoke-on-Trent, containing luxurious Arlington bath salts. Includes a beautifully crafted scoop. The ideal gift or indulgent treat for yourself. One scoopful in a bath of warm water will sof...Read more


Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl for those looking for the most sustainable method of shaving. Wooden shaving soap bowls will last for years, but can suffer if they get wet repeatedly, without being dried. Some people also wish to reduce the amount of wood th...Read more


Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Shop fragrance is a citrus, woody scent with a new organic formula.