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Razor Blades


Feather New Hi-Stainless double-edge razor blades nicknamed the Ninja blade are regarded as the sharpest blades available. Platinum coated and suitable for all safety razors. 10x blades, made in Japan.


OUT OF STOCK  Timor DE Razor Blades, Timor of Solingen traditional 3 hole razor blades, ice tempered for hardness, stainless steel. Pack contains 10 blades individually wrapped.


Merkur 'super' DE razor blades platinum coated packed in 10's


20 professional blades for Feather artist club razors. Supplied in injector style dispensers.


Blade collector made of porcelain disposes of blades stylishly and safely. Used razor blades can be collected in the porcelain bowl for years and no longer pose an injury risk in the home. Due to a opening at the bottom the blade bank can be emptied.